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Dwellys is a property listing platform that seeks to collaborate with buyers, investors, real estates agencies, brokers, owners, and tenants to create complete and dynamic property profiles.

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Osiki is a lifestyle voting platform that simplifies the voting and nomination process for tv shows, talent shows or awards by providing robust tools for both event managers and users.

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This is like a visitor log in or sign in made easy. The Tablet app allows visitors to enter their information, then all the data is recorded and report provided on a beautiful and simple dashboard.

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Ever felt like the charges on mobile money and its safety are usually not value oriented? eTranx users are guaranteed better security and even lower to no transaction charges.

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Simple Bank Customer Service App

This is a fake project from a session I had with a few tech newbies at the STEM4G event organised by Developers In Vogue and Stanbic Incubator Ghana. We sought to find a solution for the Customer Care Department to make interaction and information readily available for customers of the bank whilst eliminating the need for paper works


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